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      I warn anyone who has been a victim of a cryptocurrency scam involving a deceptive help bot.

      Here’s a complaint we received:

      I lost $1800 to this scam and urge others who have experienced similar deceit to share their stories and any relevant details. This information could help track down the perpetrators and possibly aid recovery efforts.

      Details of the Incident:

      • Loss: $1800 USD
      • Method: Scammed via a help bot on a website
      • Description: The help bot on the website promised assistance but instead facilitated a fraudulent scheme that resulted in a significant financial loss.

      Important Information Needed:

      • Website URL where the scam occurred
      • Contact details used by the scam (email, phone, etc.)
      • Cryptocurrency addresses involved in the transaction
      • Any correspondence or conversation logs with the help bot or associated contacts

      If you have been affected by this or a similar scam, please share your experience, including any of the details above, to help warn others and gather information that could be used to track down the scammers.

      Sharing your experience can contribute to a collective understanding and potentially assist in preventing such scams in the future.

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