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      Scam Name: Genesis Rolldrop Dymension

      Scam Website URL: (Please exercise extreme caution with this URL, as it has been reported in association with a scam.)

      A Portuguese father has reported a devastating loss of his and his children’s savings due to a scam that resulted in the theft of various altcoin tokens, including Fideum, Render, Planet, Aimbot, AIX, Propc, RLB, and RFD. The funds were intended for his children’s future education.

      Details for OSINT Investigation:

      • Cryptocurrency: Various Altcoins
      • Transaction Hash: 0x225e27192ac0a6b9b921249049e30b4a9240ff02864b743e42b9dae7c242a71c
      • Receiving Address: 0x0000e53a54a68E047B73CFfdeA45F44368a60000

      If you have been affected by the Genesis Rolldrop Dymension scam or have experienced similar altcoin theft, please come forward with your story. Your information could help prevent others from suffering a similar fate.

      When sharing your experience, please provide any pertinent details such as transaction hashes, wallet addresses, and how the scam was presented to you. This information is crucial for alerting the community and can aid in investigations.

      We urge anyone with information on such scams to assist in any way possible. Your shared experiences are powerful and can contribute significantly to the awareness and safety of the cryptocurrency community.

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