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      A website called has been reported as a fraudulent promotion site for goods. An individual has reported a substantial loss of $21,000 due to this website’s deceptive practices.

      Urgent Information for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scam Website URL:
      • Reported Loss: $21,000 USD
      • Scam Type: Fake promotion/sale of goods website

      The victim reports that after engaging with the site, their funds were taken without any return. The website appears to be set up as a storefront or promotion platform, which could be a front for the scam operation.

      If you have been affected by or a similar scam, please come forward with your story. Your experiences are crucial and could help warn others about this fraudulent operation. By sharing your story, you also contribute valuable information that can aid in the investigation and potentially assist in the recovery of funds.

      For Victims: Please share any details regarding transactions, including any known wallet addresses, transaction IDs, or correspondence with the site operators. This information could be integral to tracking down the scam operators and preventing future scams.

      Stay vigilant and thoroughly research websites and their legitimacy before purchasing or sending money. Your caution can save your funds and help protect the community.

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