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      Attention is urgently drawn to the alarming activities associated with, a website that has been implicated in possible fraudulent operations. Individuals have reported that after completing tasks on the platform, which now seem to have been meaningless, they were unable to withdraw their purported earnings without paying additional funds. These reports suggest a pattern of scamming behavior.

      Case Details:
      – Scam Name: ASDA company
      – Cryptocurrency Involved: Tron/TRC-10/TRC-20 Token
      – Scam Website:
      – Transaction Hash Example: 1500 (Provided by victim)
      – Receiving Address: TLBo1fjCgntrCCbFppUa8U8nZctFCkcuQH

      Victim Experience:
      – Claims of needing to pay more money to recover initial investments.
      – No response received from customer support upon contact.
      – Advised tasks that were later deemed non-existent or meaningless.

      If you or someone you know has been affected by the actions of the aforementioned website or company, please come forward with your experiences. We are gathering stories and evidence for a collective investigation. Your information could be crucial in preventing further fraud.

      To Share Your Experience or Provide Information:
      – Include transaction details, such as hashes, amounts, and dates.
      – Describe any communication with the company and the nature of the tasks you were asked to perform.
      – Provide any screenshots or documentation that could support your case.

      Important: Do not engage with or send any more funds to this website. If you have ongoing transactions, consider halting them and seek legal or professional advice.

      Sharing your story can provide significant assistance to ongoing OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigations and help protect the community from similar scams. Your input is not only valuable for awareness but could also support potential legal actions against fraudulent entities.

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