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      I want to share a cautionary tale and warn others about a scam involving the website

      This scam involved a fraudster posing as a knowledgeable crypto analyst who initially contacted the victim on TikTok and then moved the conversation to WhatsApp.

      This is his story:

      This individual offered to manage my cryptocurrency, promising to engage in day trading and provide daily returns of 2-5%.

      Instructions were given on creating an online account with Ritrotrade, and I was meticulously walked through the process of transferring crypto from an Uphold wallet to the new account.

      After choosing an investment option, I learned from an associate of the real analyst I thought I was in contact with that this was a scam.

      The scam included a supposed 3-day investment period. When I attempted to withdraw my funds after this period, I was informed that I had not met a minimum investment requirement—a detail previously undisclosed.

      Upon requesting the policy, I received false information. When confronting the scammer, I was threatened with what appeared to be an online attack. Eventually, the scammer closed my account.


      • Scammer Contact Information: WhatsApp: (873) 990-6196
      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Loss: $5010
      • Location: KS, USA – 66047
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency

      If anyone else has been victimized by the same scam or has had interactions with or the phone number provided, please share your story. Any additional information, including transaction IDs, crypto wallet addresses used for transfers, or any other contact details related to the scammer, can be invaluable for OSINT investigations and may help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.

      Your experiences and any information you can share could be crucial in helping to track down these fraudsters and potentially recover lost funds. Let’s support each other in this community by sharing knowledge and experiences.

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