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      A serious scam alert is being issued for activities associated with a fraudulent site mimicking “Autopia Tours.” The scam involves the cryptocurrency USDC and is perpetrated through false promises related to bookings on the fake site Victims have reported substantial financial losses.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scam Website URL:
      • Scam Name: Falsely represented as Autopia Tours
      • Receiving Address: TDYphuhkGX8ksmRB6dY8rdjrHFHHxWc12T
      • Transaction Hash: dc25316531121bf39f57316bfb8c9d4ba2a1c7034464e5ea9837db0aee08955a
      • Amount Lost: 10,752 USDC

      Victims are enticed into making payments through Interac e-transfers to sellers on Kucoin under the duress of completing bookings that do not actually exist. The fraudulent operation has even gone so far as to display a fake positive balance on the victim’s wallet, locking funds under the condition of completing these non-existent bookings.

      If you have been targeted by a scam resembling the above description, involving the website, or have made transactions to the address starting with TDYphuhk..., please come forward with your story. Your accounts may provide essential information that could help investigate and prevent further scams.

      For Victims: Gathering and sharing all relevant evidence, including screenshots, transaction details, and correspondence, is crucial for tracing the scam operation. Please reach out with any information you have that could expose these fraudulent activities.

      Please note: The legitimate Autopia Tours company is not connected with the scam site and operates outside Australia. Be vigilant and confirm the authenticity of websites before making any financial commitments or transactions.

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