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      This scam targets individuals by posing as a legitimate company and convincing victims to transfer cryptocurrency. Victims, including self-dependent students working part-time, have been deceived into sending Ether to fraudulent addresses via Metamask.

      Transaction Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Ether/ERC20 Token
      • Total Amount Lost: $850
      • Receiving Addresses:
      • 0x8ba09404a88b8a1a4b25d6288c41b7d2227317dd
      • 0x92422F74B32123A7fa0DE9b04Be817B5a1D1Ad90
      • 0x7EeE64cEAe43747C3A8e2b68d6E6b5f64297e428
      • 0xCC0d4C0362C387712433D6C862E947b5863c800E

      If you have been scammed by the same scammer, please share your story and help others avoid falling victim to this fraud.

      Let’s work together to bring these scammers to justice and prevent further fraud.

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