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      It has come to our attention that a cryptocurrency scam is operating through the URL Numerous users have reported sending their XRP/Ripple investments from personal wallets to the platform and subsequently encountering complete communication blackouts. The platform fails to respond to chat inquiries and ignores emails, refusing to transfer the investments back to the users’ Trust Wallets.

      Case Details:
      – Scam Website:
      – Cryptocurrency Involved: XRP/Ripple
      – Transaction Hash: r4YSVmnQQDvDUThWhb1rfuviHYbyxhrwKk (Example provided by victim)
      – Receiving Addresses: [Multiple addresses provided by victims]
      – Scam Name:

      Receiving Addresses for OSINT Investigation:
      – Ripple Address: rPCpZwPKogNodbjRxGDnefVXu9Q9R4PN4Q

      Please note, these addresses are associated with the reported scam operating through If you have interacted with this site and used these addresses, your information could be critical for investigations. Share any additional details or discrepancies noticed to aid in tracking the fraudulent activities.

      Important Information for Investigations:
      – Other Contact Information: Not available. The platform does not respond to contacts via chat or email.
      – Date of Reported Incidents: February 10th to February 18th, 2024.

      We advise extreme caution and recommend that individuals refrain from engaging with this platform. If you have been affected by this scam, or have any additional information such as transaction hashes, wallet addresses, or correspondence, please share your story to help build a case and prevent further fraud.

      To Share Your Story or Information:
      – Please provide any details of transactions, including hashes and addresses.
      – Describe the communication with the platform, including any responses received or lack thereof.
      – Indicate the date and amount of XRP/Ripple sent.

      By coming forward, you can assist in OSINT investigations and help prevent future scams. Your experience, while unfortunate, can contribute valuable information to the community and aid in the pursuit of justice against fraudulent operations.

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