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      Seeking Stories from Victims of Crypto Scam

      A concerning scam has emerged involving the cryptocurrency trading platform, where users are enticed with a promo code supposedly granting them .22 BTC. However, after depositing their own BTC to meet verification requirements for withdrawal, victims find themselves in a situation where the platform either refuses to allow withdrawals or demands additional deposits.

      Scam Details:

      • Platform:
      • Promo Trap: Victims are lured with the promise of .22 BTC through a promo code but are then unable to withdraw without adding more of their own cryptocurrency.
      • Additional Demands: After an initial deposit, the platform asks for more BTC under the pretext of various verification or unlocking requirements.
      • Financial Loss: One reported case involved a loss of $114, but the total extent of the scam could involve larger sums and more victims.

      Information Relevant for OSINT Investigations:

      • Website: is the primary point of interaction and possibly contains malicious mechanisms to defraud users.
      • Promo Codes: The use of promotional codes as bait could be a recurring tactic, warranting a closer look into their distribution channels.
      • Transaction Details: Any blockchain transactions related to deposits made to verify accounts on could provide insights into the scam’s operation and the recipients of the fraudulent funds.
      • Victim Reports: Gathering more victim reports can help identify patterns, such as specific BTC addresses used by the scammers or methods of communication.

      If you’ve encountered similar experiences with or have fallen victim to this scam, sharing your story can be invaluable. Your information could help in piecing together the operation’s scale, identifying the scammers, and potentially aiding others to avoid falling prey to the same scheme.

      Important: While recounting your experience, please include any specifics like the promo code used, the sequence of your interactions with the platform, any contact information provided by the scammers, and details of the transactions made. This information can significantly aid in understanding and combating this fraudulent operation.

      Together, we can raise awareness and protect others from becoming victims of such deceitful practices.

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