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      We’ve been alerted to a complex scam operation involving a series of websites masquerading as legitimate financial services. The scam, known as, purports to offer financial products with high returns on investment and has been actively scamming users since at least 2015.

      Details for those affected and for OSINT investigators:

      – Scam Name:
      – Scam Activity: Promoting fraudulent financial services and investment opportunities, often through a network of DNS mirrors and fake company registrations.
      – Scam Website:
      – Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC)
      – Transaction Hash: 1eb21a55b1d14c47af10b8447a7983ca66bc4b8426a90b93ce281e300d92a8b8
      – Receiving Address: bc1ql39t9t9997d2u4hfjr5qp5c6fl7c07t8c8pun4

      Victims are lured with promises of “Ledger Tenure with Interests” and manipulated into transferring Bitcoin into portfolios with the expectation of high returns. However, these returns never materialize, and attempts to withdraw funds are blocked by the scammers.

      The scammer’s network includes multiple website fronts, such as,,, and several others, which serve to create a false sense of legitimacy and obfuscate the true nature of the operation.

      If you or someone you know has been targeted by this scam, it is crucial to report the details to law enforcement and regulatory bodies, including the DOJ’s Cryptocurrency Enforcement Bureau if you’re in the USA. Sharing information on forums and scam advisory sites can also help warn others.

      For those investigating, consider tracing the transaction hash provided, examining the receiving BTC address for patterns, and exploring the network of connected websites.

      Remember: Always conduct due diligence before investing in financial products, especially those promising unusually high returns. Be skeptical of unsolicited investment offers and verify the legitimacy of the company through independent research. Stay safe and protect your assets.

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