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      Alert Date: March 8, 2024

      URL: (Exercise caution and avoid engaging with this website)

      Caution Notice:

      The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has issued an alert concerning WiseWealth, which offers Contract for Difference (CFD) trading services in various sectors, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Despite accepting British Columbia residents as clients, WiseWealth is not registered to trade in or advise on securities or derivatives in British Columbia.

      If you have engaged with WiseWealth and are a resident of BC or any other region, or if you have been impacted by their services, you are strongly encouraged to share your story. Details of your interactions, transactions, and any contact information related to WiseWealth could significantly aid in OSINT investigations and may help prevent further unauthorized operations.

      Invitation for Community Input:

      Have you or someone you know been approached by or involved with WiseWealth? The BCSC and the community seek information from anyone who has had dealings with this platform. Your experiences can serve as a warning to others and are crucial for tracking the activities of such unregistered entities. Please report your experience to the BCSC and share any relevant details to assist with ongoing investigations.

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