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Astronomic Trade Overview

The domain, registered with NameSilo, LLC, was established on July 29, 2023, and is set to expire on July 28, 2024. The domain’s registration was last updated on August 12, 2023, indicating a relatively new entry into the digital space. Managed under the privacy protection services of LLC, based in Phoenix, Arizona, the domain seeks to mask the identities of its actual registrants, a common practice among websites looking to maintain privacy or, in some cases, obscure the identities of those operating in nefarious activities.

Hosted by Network Data Center Host with an IP address of located in the United States, operates under the umbrella of NDCHOST, leveraging servers in North America.

Despite its professional appearance, exhibits several red flags typical of fraudulent schemes. The domain’s SEO analytics, as provided by various online tools, reveal a minimal digital footprint with an authority score of 2 and a Semrush Domain Rank of 0. This suggests either a lack of significant content or engagement or a potential strategy to fly under the radar of casual observers and digital security tools.

The website’s backlink profile is sparse, with only 5 nofollow links distributed across a handful of referring pages. This indicates limited endorsement from other sites, often a measure of a site’s credibility and relevance in its niche. The referrals primarily stem from listings and queries on sites concerned with evaluating the legitimacy of online platforms, hinting at a cautious or investigative interest in rather than genuine endorsements.

The content hosted on, including pages promising insights into cryptocurrency earnings and live trading, further adds layers to its digital persona. However, 404 errors and minimal indexed content could signal a lack of depth or, alternatively, a strategic approach to minimize traceable online activity. Review

Astronomic Trade is a company claiming to offer professional trading services across a variety of financial markets, including cryptocurrencies, forex, and more.

Astronomic Trade presents itself as a sophisticated trading platform offering services in multiple languages, suggesting a global reach and inclusivity. The website mentions its capability to handle trades in a wide array of financial markets with a promise of high returns and professional management. The FAQs section addresses common concerns potential investors might have, reassuring them about the safety of their investments, the mechanisms of deposit and withdrawal, and the structure of profits and risks.

The company claims to bear all trading risks, offering a 100% capital refund in case of any trading losses, which is a bold claim in the high-risk trading environment. They accept a minimum deposit of 500 USD, with no maximum limit specified, and profits are purportedly returned to investments every 24 hours from activation. Transactions are conducted in Bitcoin and Ethereum, which aligns with their focus on modern and digital assets.

The only contact detail explicitly mentioned is an email address ( The website attempts to project a credible image through a professional web design and comprehensive trading platforms. It also includes a risk warning about the high level of risk associated with CFDs and the potential for investors to lose all their invested capital, which is a standard disclaimer in the trading industry.

Red Flags and Potential Indicators of a Scam

  1. Guaranteed Returns and Capital Protection: The promise of guaranteed returns and the assurance of capital protection in the volatile trading market are unrealistic and misleading. The claim that all trading risks are borne by the company and investors will be refunded their capital in any loss scenario contradicts the inherent risk of trading financial markets.
  2. Lack of Detailed Company and Regulatory Information: The content lacks specific details about the company’s location, registration, regulatory oversight, or any form of credentials that could validate its legitimacy and compliance with financial regulations.
  3. Sole Reliance on Cryptocurrency Transactions: The exclusive use of Bitcoin and Ethereum for deposits and withdrawals is a common tactic among scams to avoid traceability and regulation. It raises concerns, especially in the absence of traditional banking methods.
  4. Limited Contact Information: Providing only an email address as a means of contact is inadequate for a company that handles significant financial transactions. The absence of a physical address, phone numbers, or social media accounts limits the ability of clients to perform due diligence and reach out for support.
  5. High Minimum Deposit: A minimum deposit of 500 USD could be considered high, especially for novice investors. This requirement may serve to ensure that the company collects a substantial amount of funds from individuals before any potential fraudulent activity is uncovered.
  6. Vague Descriptions of Services and Operations: While the website contains a lot of information, it lacks specific details about the trading strategies employed, the experience and qualifications of the team, and clear, verifiable performance records.

Astronomic Trade Reviews

No reviews about AstronomicTrade are available online, making ours the first.

There is an Instagram profile that appears to be associated with AstronomicTrade, belonging to a person named Raina Scott. This suggests an attempt to personalize or lend credibility to the platform.

External sources like BeerMoneyForum mentions AstronomicTrade, however there aren’t any positive or negative review of the platform. – BBB Review

In a report detailed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a victim recounted an encounter with an individual via social media, claiming to represent a bitcoin mining company. According to the scammer, this company required initial funds to start an investment that purportedly would yield significant returns by the end of the day. However, when the victim sought to withdraw their investment, the narrative shifted; the company allegedly needed additional funds to “find the project.” This cycle of requesting more money and denying withdrawal requests continued, leaving the victim unable to access their funds.

The financial toll on the targeted individual was substantial, with losses amounting to $26,000. The scam occurred in California, USA, pinpointed to the zip code 91344. Despite attempts to identify the scammer and the company, both remain obscured, with no available information regarding their location, contact email, or phone number. The scam website was listed as, categorizing the incident under cryptocurrency scams.

Reported on December 27, 2023, this account contributes to the BBB’s ongoing efforts to catalog and warn against fraudulent activities.

Astronomic Trade Review Conclusion

In our comprehensive review of Astronomic Trade and the associated website, we’ve delved into various aspects of the platform’s operations, claims, and the broader context of its online presence. The elements we’ve discussed range from the site’s recent establishment and privacy measures to its sparse digital footprint and limited engagement with the online community. The promises made by AstronomicTrade, including high returns, professional trading services across multiple markets, and particularly bold guarantees of risk-free investment, raise significant skepticism.

The review has highlighted several red flags, such as the unrealistic guarantee of returns, the lack of detailed regulatory and company information, the exclusive reliance on cryptocurrency for transactions, minimal contact information, a high minimum deposit requirement, and vague descriptions of services and operations. These factors collectively suggest that while the website attempts to present a legitimate facade, it lacks the transparency, verifiability, and accountability expected of a genuine financial service provider.

Moreover, the concerning account provided by a victim through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) underscores the potential for substantial financial harm. The described scenario of repeated demands for additional funds without the possibility of withdrawal is emblematic of classic scam operations. The substantial financial loss reported, coupled with the absence of verifiable information about the company or recourse for the victim, aligns with the patterns of deceit and manipulation often employed by fraudulent schemes.

Given the analysis and the detailed examination of Astronomic Trade’s presentation, operational claims, and the associated warning signs, there is a strong basis for concern. The lack of positive reviews, regulatory oversight, and clear, accountable communication channels further compounds these worries. In the context of financial investment, where the stakes involve significant personal or institutional assets, the indicators we’ve identified are deeply troubling.

The Bottom Line Regarding

Based on the information and analysis presented, there are substantial and compelling reasons to question the legitimacy of Astronomic Trade. The potential for it to be a scam, as suggested by the patterns and practices identified, cannot be overlooked. Individuals considering engagement with AstronomicTrade or similar platforms are urged to prioritize safety, seek out platforms with verifiable credentials, and approach such investment opportunities with a healthy degree of skepticism and caution.

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