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The website, registered under the domain registrar PDR Ltd. d/b/a on October 8, 2023, with an expiration date set for October 8, 2024, has recently been scrutinized.

The domain’s status is listed as clientTransferProhibited, indicating restrictions on its transferability. Managed by registrant Ogiemwonyi Tanimola from T Tech Design, located on Upper Sakponba Road in Benin City, Edo, Nigeria, the website’s contact information includes a Nigerian phone number and an email address (

The hosting provider for is OVH SAS, a reputable organization based in France, utilizing the IP address This setup indicates a European hosting location, specifically in Paris, France, under the Autonomous System Number 16276, belonging to OVH SAS.

A detailed examination of’s digital footprint reveals minimal activity and visibility in search engines. With an Authority Score and Semrush Domain Rank of 0, alongside no measurable organic or paid search traffic, the domain’s digital presence is negligible. This lack of visibility extends to keyword rankings, with no data available for organic or paid keywords, indicating the website does not rank for any significant terms in search engines. The website has a minimal backlink profile, consisting of only four nofollow links from three different referring domains, highlighting its low engagement and recognition across the web.

Blastdropmrkt Review

The content on covers various aspects of the platform, focusing on cryptocurrency and forex trading services. It highlights the features, investment plans, and educational resources about Bitcoin and forex trading.

The website claims to offer a trading environment with popular currencies like USD, GBD, AUD, BTC, CNY, EUR, and CAD and provides live market updates, including price movements of different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, and Digital Cash.

The platform promotes itself as a secure and reliable place for asset management and financial transactions, emphasizing the importance of making payments only on the website.

Contact details mentioned include an email address ( and a physical address (789 Feathers Hooves Drive, New York).

There’s also mention of a YouTube video explaining Bitcoin, suggesting an effort to educate users. However, specific details such as regulatory information or the company’s registration status with financial authorities are not provided.

Blast Drop MRKT positions itself as a leading platform in the forex and cryptocurrency trading industry, boasting successful and consistent performance. It offers various investment plans ranging from a Silver Account with a minimum deposit of $500 to a Premium Account requiring a minimum deposit of $10,000, promising significantly high returns.

The platform emphasizes its security measures, claiming to protect users with the latest server technology and the highest encryption level available 24/7.

Additionally, it asserts its mission to promptly meet clients’ needs and security, highlighting fast, safe, and secured forex transactions.

Red Flags

  1. Lack of Regulatory Information: The absence of specific details about regulatory compliance or the company’s registration with relevant financial authorities is a significant concern. Legitimate trading platforms usually provide this information to prove their legitimacy and adherence to financial regulations.
  2. Guaranteed Returns: Promising high profits and guaranteed returns can be a red flag. The forex and cryptocurrency markets are volatile, and returns cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Minimum Deposit for High Returns: The structure of requiring a substantial minimum deposit for higher returns is often used in schemes that focus on collecting funds from participants without a genuine financial strategy.
  4. Generic Contact Information: While the site lists an email address and a physical location, there’s a lack of direct phone numbers or specific personnel to contact, which can be a red flag for transparency. The New York address without more detailed information or a suite number raises questions about its verifiability.
  5. Promotional Content without Substance: The heavy focus on promotional language about the platform’s benefits, without detailed information on how it achieves these results or about the team behind the platform, can be concerning.
  6. Request for Payments on the Website Only: While this can be seen as a security measure, it also prevents users from having transaction records through third-party payment processors, which can be a red flag for dispute resolution and refunds.

The information presented portrays as a platform offering lucrative investment opportunities in cryptocurrency and forex trading. However, the lack of detailed regulatory information, promises of high returns, and vague contact details warrant caution.

Blast Drop MRKT Reviews has been identified as a potentially risky and unregulated investment opportunity by various sources, including the Alberta Securities Commission and consumer protection websites.

The website is involved in cryptocurrency and forex trading, and it has similarities with other questionable platforms like C4U Capital.

Multiple complaints have been lodged against it, mainly focusing on issues like poor customer support, payment delays, high fees, and aggressive sales tactics.

A significant red flag is the lack of transparency regarding the ownership and operation of the site, with no detailed information about the team behind it.

Additionally, the site’s trading conditions and withdrawal methods may be unreliable, as indicated by reports of disabled payment channels and non-responsive customer service once significant investments are made.

The regulatory warnings against emphasize the site’s unlicensed status, meaning it operates without oversight from financial regulatory authorities. This lack of regulation significantly increases the risk to investors, as there is no recourse in case of disputes or financial losses.

The platform’s credibility is further questioned by practices common among scams, such as using generic names for anonymity, reliance on influencer promotions, and the sudden disappearance of the website or app.

BBB Complaint About

On February 22, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $100,000:

I have fallen victim to a cyber scam involving cryptocurrency trading. Unknowingly, I disclosed personal details such as my name, date of birth, bank information, and home address. In response, I’ve reported my situation to the police and changed my bank account number.

The scam began three weeks ago on the CyberCrime Victim Platform, blastdropmrkt, where I met a mentor named Willard Byron online. He claimed to have seven years of experience in Bitcoin trading and an account with blastdropmrkt from which he allegedly withdrew funds, but I have only seen a credit alert screenshot from his bank as proof. Despite his claims of paying significant withdrawal fees for recent transactions, no verifiable evidence was provided.

The fraud unfolded when I was told I had to meet certain criteria for withdrawal. Communication was maintained through blastdropmrkt’s live support chat and text messages with Willard for assistance. Trouble began when I requested a large withdrawal from my trading account, facing continuous demands for more payment in the form of roadblocks, excessive fees/taxes, and other expenses. blastdropmrkt insisted on payments and proof via their live support chat to process a wire transfer to my bank, mentioning it was done through a costly third-party withdrawal system, which was allegedly the only option to receive my funds—a guarantee they provided but failed to fulfill.

An initial attempt to transfer my funds directly to my bank account was reportedly blocked by my bank, which supposedly declined the transaction for being associated with a cryptocurrency firm—a claim my bank denied, having no record of such transaction attempts. Subsequent withdrawal efforts were met with requests for additional fee payments, preventing any successful transfer of my funds.

blastdropmrkt lacked transparency in disclosing all requirements and withdrawal fees upfront. Despite several attempts to cover the withdrawal fees for my account, they consistently requested more payments. Following police advice, I ceased all further payments upon realizing the nature of their scam tactic.

Blast Drop MRKT Review Conclusion

The evidence surrounding paints a picture of a platform fraught with the hallmarks of a potentially fraudulent operation. The lack of transparency, the absence of regulatory oversight, and the myriad of complaints regarding its operations cast a long shadow over its legitimacy.

In the realm of investment, where trust and transparency are paramount, the shadows cast by are too significant to ignore. The digital age has ushered in unprecedented opportunities for growth and investment, but it has also opened the gates to sophisticated schemes designed to exploit unwary investors. The allure of quick returns in the volatile cryptocurrency and forex markets can often blind individuals to the risks involved with unregulated platforms.

Given the critical importance of regulatory oversight in safeguarding investor interests, the absence of such regulation for is a glaring red flag. Regulation is a protective barrier, ensuring that investment platforms operate within a framework of accountability and transparency. Without this, investors are left vulnerable, with little to no recourse in the event of malpractice or fraud.

The pattern of behavior reported by those who have interacted with—ranging from payment issues to aggressive sales tactics—further undermines any claims of legitimacy the platform might make.

The Bottom Line Regarding Blast Drop MRKT

In conclusion, while the digital landscape offers fertile investment grounds, it is also rife with pitfalls.

Platforms like, which operate in the shadows of unregulated spaces, often promise much but deliver little beyond risk and uncertainty.

Investors are urged to tread cautiously, seeking opportunities that offer not just the promise of returns, but the security of transparency, regulation, and accountability.

In the case of, the weight of evidence suggests that it is wise to steer clear and consider it a scam. Pursuing investment success should never lead one into the murky waters of unregulated platforms, where the risks far outweigh the potential rewards.

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