Fridman Wealth Partners Review: Is Fridman.Partners a SCAM?

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The website, purportedly representing Fridman Wealth Partners, raises significant red flags indicative of a cryptocurrency scam. Registered through NameCheap, Inc. on August 30, 2022, with an expiration date set for August 30, 2024, the domain shows signs of a typical fraudulent setup, including privacy protection services to obscure registrant details. Updated on September 2, 2023, its registration status of “clientTransferProhibited” suggests measures taken to secure the domain against unauthorized transfers, a common practice among legitimate and illegitimate entities alike.

Hosted by Namecheap in the United States with an IP address of, the site operates under the guise of a financial service provider. Despite its professional appearance, the site garners minimal organic search traffic and ranks low in visibility, evidenced by a Semrush Domain Rank of 5.7 million and an Authority Score of 7. Analysis reveals a mere 24 organic search traffic visits a month, driven by a handful of keywords predominantly related to the firm itself, indicating a lack of significant online presence or reputation.

The domain’s backlink profile, comprising 107 backlinks from 21 referring domains, and its referral traffic are equally unimpressive, hinting at a shallow attempt to simulate credibility. Furthermore, comparisons with main organic competitors reveal Fridman Wealth Partners to be vastly outmatched, lacking both the search traffic and keyword richness of legitimate financial websites.

This scant digital footprint, coupled with the use of privacy services and minimal organic engagement, suggests that is a facade for nefarious activities rather than a legitimate investment opportunity. Review

Fridman Wealth Partners, as detailed on its website, is positioning itself as a premier global investment management firm with a strong focus on leveraging artificial intelligence to manage portfolios across currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

They advertise state-of-the-art algorithms designed to maximize clients’ returns, offering investment solutions that include derivatives trading and interbank lending. The company purports to have over $400 million in client-invested capital, boasting a high-performance track record with an independently verified 10.62% average monthly return.

The firm claims to have been founded by financial professionals and has grown rapidly in Europe since its inception.

According to the website, Fridman Wealth Partners was started in 1989 as a family-focused asset management organization managed by Igor Fridman.

It emphasizes its core values of integrity, independence, and innovation in every client interaction.

Since 2019, it has been positioning itself as a reliable investment partner, offering superior technology and expertise for significant monthly investment returns with little to no effort required from clients.

Contact Details and Company Information:

  • Website:
  • Email for Contact:
  • Email for Careers:
  • Address: Northcliffe House, Young St, London W8 5EH, United Kingdom

Red Flags and Indicators of a Scam

  1. High Guaranteed Returns: The promise of up to 16% monthly returns is unusually high and unsustainable, typically a hallmark of investment scams.
  2. Lack of Verifiable Registration: While claiming to be a registered investment management firm headquartered in London, the firm does not mention a specific regulatory body, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is a crucial oversight for a legitimate UK-based financial services firm.
  3. Privacy and Anonymity: The use of privacy services for domain registration and the absence of detailed information about the management team (beyond the name Igor Fridman) obscure the company’s true ownership and operational base.
  4. AI and High Tech Promises: Heavy reliance on buzzwords like AI and machine learning without substantial proof of technology or a detailed explanation of investment strategies can be misleading and is often used by scams to attract investors looking for the next big thing.
  5. Simplified Investment Solutions: Marketing investment as simple and requires no effort from the investor minimizes the real risks involved in trading and investment, misleading potential clients about the nature of financial markets.
  6. No Social Media or External Verification: It is unusual for a modern investment firm to lack social media links or profiles. Also, there are no external links to press releases, financial reports, or third-party verification of their claims, such as the $400 million in client-invested capital mentioned.

The combination of unrealistic returns, vague operational details, and lack of regulatory transparency strongly suggests that may not be a legitimate investment firm.

Fridman Wealth Partners Reviews

Out of 643 Google results that contain the keyword “,” 581 also contains the word “scam.”

Fridman Wealth Partners has garnered significant attention online, notably for allegations of fraudulent activities.

A notable warning came from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on January 18, 2024. It emphasizes that Fridman Wealth Partners may be operating without authorization and urges the public to avoid dealing with them due to the risk of scams.

The firm, which claims an address at Northcliffe House, Young St, London, UNITED KINGDOM, W8 5EH, and can be reached via, appears to target UK residents without FCA’s permission, a critical red flag for potential investors.

Feedback from individuals on platforms such as Facebook reveals distressing experiences, with customers like Daniel Wong and Carrie Martinez reporting unsuccessful attempts to withdraw investments, facing only excuses for “technical difficulties” with no subsequent follow-up. Such testimonies underscore a pattern of behavior consistent with scam operations, further substantiated by the lack of responsiveness to withdrawal requests and customer inquiries.

The FCA’s warning is particularly damning, as it indicates not only a lack of regulatory compliance by Fridman Wealth Partners but also suggests a potential risk to the public and the integrity of the UK’s financial system. The mention of possible incorrect or changing contact details by the firm adds another layer of suspicion, indicating tactics commonly employed by fraudulent entities to evade detection and accountability.

In summary, the FCA’s and individual testimonies’ information paints a troubling picture of Fridman Wealth Partners, strongly suggesting that it operates as a scam.

BBB Complaint About

On January 10, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $90,515:

The address of this scam firm is allegedly Northcliffe House, Young St, London, W8 5EH ( Between October 13 and 16 this year, I deposited a total amount of USD 90,515 via cryptocurrency transfer (USDT) to Fridman, based on claims that the money would generate 14% monthly returns. On October 30th, I requested a partial withdrawal of the profits (returns) via cryptocurrency transfer. As of today, January 10, 2024, I have yet to receive any response regarding the status of my withdrawal. Fridman has two communication channels: chat support and email support. I have attempted to reach them every day since November 1st via those channels but have received no response at all. Hence, I conclude that I’ve been scammed. A friend of mine who also recently opened an account with Fridman is experiencing the same issue. Update: I filed a report with the FCA UK, and they also concluded that Fridman Wealth Partners is a scam and is neither a registered nor legitimate company in the UK.


In the digital finance landscape, the allure of high returns coupled with the innovative appeal of artificial intelligence has paved the way for entities like Fridman Wealth Partners to captivate the imaginations and wallets of hopeful investors.

The thorough examination of reveal a troubling array of red flags that, when pieced together, sketch the silhouette of a classic investment scam masquerading as a legitimate opportunity. From the suspiciously high promised returns to the glaring absence of verifiable regulatory compliance, each element carefully dissected in this review contributes to a narrative far removed from the trustworthy façade projected by the firm.

The digital footprint of Fridman Wealth Partners, characterized by its minimal online presence outside of its own claims and the significant volume of search results linking the firm to scam allegations, underscores the importance of due diligence in the digital age.

Bottom Line

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warning, coupled with the distressing testimonies of individuals unable to withdraw their investments, solidifies the suspicion that is not just a risky venture but a deliberate scam.

Investing in the future requires more than the promise of advanced technology and outsized returns; it demands transparency, accountability, and a commitment to investor protection—qualities egregiously absent in the operations of Fridman Wealth Partners. As we navigate the complexities of digital investment opportunities, let this review remind us of the vigilance necessary to discern genuine innovation from deceitful exploitation. In the case of, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests a scheme designed not to pioneer financial management but to pilfer from those enticed by the mirage of effortless wealth.

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2 thoughts on “Fridman Wealth Partners Review: Is Fridman.Partners a SCAM?”

  1. Fridman Wealth Partners has stolen from my and my family. I initially started small, showed positive returns, had good communication, and I even did some test withdrawals to make sure I’d get my money before getting to higher levels. Once I went heavier on investments, I started seeing reports of people having issues getting monies. I attempted withdrawals, and got nothing. I attempted communication. Got nothing. I’ve received some communication lately where they promised a payout schedule if I would stop posting negatively about them online. I thought I’d play along, worth a shot as I have a significant amount of cash at stake. Of course the payouts never happened and they’ve once again went dark. I’ve made it my mission to let as many people know as possible that they are fake, and illegitimated company. Will never answer phone, have never spoken on a phone, the Yell reviews are fake, bad ones get removed. They’ve blocked me on all social media. This is a complete scam.

    1. Dear Jamie,

      We deeply empathize with the distressing experience you and your family have gone through with Fridman Wealth Partners. It’s incredibly brave of you to share your story, and by doing so, you’re playing a crucial role in alerting others to the risks of engaging with this fraudulent entity. It’s important that the community comes together to support one another and share information that could prevent further victimization.

      Given the complexity and severity of your case, particularly considering the significant financial losses and the sophisticated deceit employed by Fridman Wealth Partners, we strongly encourage you to take further steps that could potentially assist in addressing this injustice.

      CNC Intelligence Inc., with their expertise in Cyber Investigations and Cryptocurrency Tracing, could provide the specialized assistance needed in such situations. They work closely with law enforcement and law firms to supply actionable intelligence and tailored solutions for asset and fund recovery efforts. Their team of Certified Cyber Investigators employs cutting-edge analytics and investigative techniques that could be pivotal in tracing the cryptocurrency involved and gathering the necessary evidence to bolster legal efforts.

      We urge you to schedule an initial consultation with CNC Intelligence by visiting their consultation page at This step could offer a pathway to explore possible avenues for recourse and recovery. Be prepared to provide them with all relevant information and documentation pertaining to your interactions with Fridman Wealth Partners, including transaction details, communication records, and any other evidence that could support your case.

      Your proactive stance in seeking justice and recovery not only aids in your personal case but also contributes significantly to the broader fight against online financial fraud. Please know that the community stands with you, and together, we can work towards exposing and preventing such fraudulent schemes.

      Thank you for your courage and action. Let’s continue to support each other in these efforts.

      Best regards,
      ScamCrypto Forum

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