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The domain, registered with, LLC on October 31, 2021, and set to expire on the same date in 2024, has raised concerns due to its affiliation with cryptocurrency scams. Its registration was last updated on December 15, 2023, indicating active management. The domain uses GoDaddy’s nameservers ( and and employs privacy protection services through Domains By Proxy, LLC, concealing the owner’s identity. Located in Arizona, US, this anonymity adds a layer of complexity for potential OSINT investigations.

Hosting is provided by, with an IP address pointing to Ashburn, Virginia, within the North American continent, hinting at the server’s physical location. Despite its claims, lacks substantial digital footprint, evidenced by a low authority score and nonexistent organic search traffic according to recent analytics. It ranks for a mere three keywords globally, lacking any significant organic or paid search presence, which might suggest either a nascent stage or limited public engagement.

Backlink analysis reveals approximately 2.7k backlinks, predominantly of the ‘nofollow’ type, from around 65 referring domains, indicating some level of online interaction or acknowledgment. Notably, backlinks originate from various domains, including a noteworthy mention on IMDb, suggesting attempts at establishing credibility or visibility across different platforms.

The lack of substantial organic search traffic, coupled with the domain’s registration details and hosting information, paints a picture of an operation shrouded in secrecy, potentially designed to minimize traceability while engaging in dubious online activities. This background forms a crucial piece for anyone looking to delve deeper into the credibility and legitimacy of within the cryptocurrency sphere. Review

ViZion Protocol presents itself as a pioneering blockchain initiative, aimed at revolutionizing the music, film, and entertainment industry by integrating unique utility and security features for its token holders.

Founded with the mission to support and empower content creators by facilitating financing, funding, and distribution of creative works, ViZion leverages the Solana blockchain for its fast, secure, and scalable transactions.

The platform claims a focus on building a global brand, having established a core mission of trust and support within its community. It boasts of achievements such as hosting over 10 events, including music festivals and a feature film showcased on Showtime, underlining its commitment to transforming the entertainment landscape through blockchain technology.

ViZion Protocol’s marketing efforts hinge on the imminent launch of the iKonX Music App in Q1 2024, a platform designed to empower artists and creators by providing various services, including collaboration opportunities, discovery of music labels, and connections with managers.

The app plans to donate 20% of its profits to the VIZION liquidity pool every quarter, signaling a commitment to the stability and growth of the token’s value. Further, ViZion emphasizes its dedication to trust, security, and transparency in all its operations, projecting a future where its ecosystem not only supports the token’s value but also offers unparalleled utility.

ViZion Protocol Red Flags

However, several red flags arise from the review of ViZion Protocol’s operations and promotional material.

Firstly, the domain information suggests a level of secrecy with registration through Domains By Proxy, LLC, hiding the owner’s identity and raising questions about the operation’s transparency.

The platform’s ambitious claims, including a significant focus on a wide array of services and the utility of the VIZION token, are yet to be substantiated by independent verification or widespread adoption within the target industries.

The promotional material and website content heavily emphasize the potential for high returns and revolutionary impact on the entertainment industry, but they lack detailed information about the project’s regulatory compliance, particularly in the volatile and scrutinized realm of cryptocurrency offerings.

The aggressive marketing tactics, coupled with promises of high returns, could potentially mislead investors about the risks involved.

Contact details and social media accounts provided include:

  • Email:
  • Phone number: 727.939.7992 (Shane Brown)
  • Social media: @ViZionProtocol across various platforms

Social Media

ViZion Protocol is actively promoting itself across multiple social media platforms as a cutting-edge blockchain project dedicated to revolutionizing the film, music, and entertainment industries through its utility token, $VIZION, on the Solana blockchain.

Their Twitter presence is substantial, with 2,269 followers, signaling a growing interest in their project within the crypto community. They have also taken steps to gain legitimacy and visibility by submitting a request to CoinGecko, a leading cryptocurrency data platform, as evidenced by their pinned tweet.

The project’s Telegram group, ViZion Hype Room, boasts 1,718 members, suggesting a concerted effort to build a community and hype around the $VIZION token. This community engagement is pivotal for blockchain projects seeking to establish trust and momentum.

ViZion Protocol maintains a Facebook page with basic engagement (7 likes and followers), indicating an emerging presence in broader social media marketing channels. The page’s address points to Largo, FL, providing a specific geographical anchor for the project.

Key contact details across these platforms include:

  • Twitter: @ViZionToken
  • Telegram: ViZion Hype Room
  • Facebook: ViZion Protocol
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 727-939-7992
  • Physical Address: 14100 Walsingham Rd, Largo, FL, United States, Florida

These details are crucial for potential investors or participants seeking more information or wishing to verify the project’s legitimacy. While the presence across multiple social platforms and the efforts to engage with the crypto community are positive signs, the effectiveness of these strategies in establishing ViZion Protocol as a reputable and trustworthy project within the highly speculative and competitive blockchain space remains to be seen.

ViZion Protocol Reviews

We could find no online reviews of the ViZion Protocol as of March 26, 2024.

BBB Complaint About

On January 3, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $30,000:

A scammer is selling virtual assets online without having registered an LLC or any other applicable licenses. The scammer is also being sued for fraud and breach of contract and has been convicted of a felony.

ViZion Protocol Review Conclusion

In wrapping up our review of ViZion Protocol and its web presence through, we find ourselves at a crossroads of innovation and skepticism.

On one hand, ViZion Protocol positions itself as a beacon of transformation within the music, film, and entertainment industries by leveraging blockchain technology. Its ambitions are grand, aiming to democratize and provide security for creative endeavors through the Solana blockchain, with promising ventures like the iKonX Music App on the horizon. The projected ecosystem, emphasizing trust, security, and community, paints an alluring picture of what the future of entertainment could look like under the auspices of blockchain technology.

However, beneath the surface of technological promise and digital allure lies a network of red flags that cannot be ignored. The use of privacy services to obscure domain ownership details, combined with lofty claims yet to be validated by tangible outcomes or widespread adoption, casts a shadow over the project’s legitimacy. The domain’s ties to known cryptocurrency scams, coupled with a lack of transparency about regulatory compliance and the legal standing of the operators, further compound the skepticism.

While the active management of social media platforms and attempts to engage with the crypto community indicate an effort to build legitimacy, they also serve as a double-edged sword. While community engagement and transparency are commendable, they are not substitutes for legal compliance and ethical business practices. The reliance on aggressive marketing tactics and the promotion of potentially unrealistic returns raises questions about the project’s integrity and the risks involved for investors.

The Bottom Line Regarding

Considering the information gathered, it is prudent for anyone interested in ViZion Protocol or any similar blockchain project to exercise caution. The allure of blockchain’s promise should not overshadow the need for due diligence and a critical assessment of the risks involved. The crypto landscape is fraught with pitfalls, and while innovation should be encouraged, it should not come at the expense of consumer protection or legal compliance. As the ViZion Protocol case illustrates, the path to revolutionizing the entertainment industry through blockchain is not without its challenges and controversies.

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