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      Community Alert: Beware of a Phishing Site Impersonating Fixedfloat

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Tron/TRC-10/TRC-20 Token
      • Transaction Hash: 92c8303726ec00bce323f8874ae98bf939b18dd52d29ce2b1542f30c043abb21
      • False Scam Name: Fixedfloat (Impersonation)
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Receiving Address: TDVDQ2PhZnoW9g3nDrFyKBy5gdNPAJ9ou4

      A recent report about a fraudulent website impersonating the legitimate Fixedfloat service has surfaced. A user intended to exchange $500 for Bitcoin through what appeared to be a legitimate Google advertisement but turned out to be a scam.

      The transaction has already been processed, and it is vital that anyone who has made similar transactions or has been directed to this false website immediately halt any transfers and report the incident.

      Please report similar experiences to raise awareness and help prevent further fraudulent activities. Your information could be essential for investigations and to alert the community.

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