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      Good day to all,

      I want to raise an alarm about a potential scam I encountered on Facebook, hoping to prevent others from falling into the same trap.

      Recently, I received a friend request from a person named Miss Williams Jessica, who claimed to be the CEO of She portrayed herself as a trader and persuaded me to venture into an investment opportunity. Initially, I was instructed to pay 2,000 Philippine Pesos to set up an account for investing. After making this payment, I was told to deposit an additional 5,000 Philippine Pesos, with the assurance that I could withdraw my profits within three days.

      Unfortunately, things didn’t go as promised. Instead of being able to withdraw my profits, I was continuously asked to top up my account via GCash. The payments snowballed to a total of 250,000.00 Philippine Pesos. Despite the substantial amount invested, I have been unable to make any withdrawals. The excuses provided, often by a Mr. Smith David, seem endless and unconvincing.

      I am sharing this experience to caution everyone here. Please be very careful with whom you trust and where you invest, especially on platforms like Facebook. If anyone has encountered something similar, your insights would be greatly appreciated.

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