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      Be Aware: Possible Scam at Gelcrypto

      A concerning report about the website Gelcrypto involving a withdrawal scam has been made. An individual had reported that after investing $900, the website demanded an additional deposit when they attempted to withdraw their funds. This pattern is indicative of a potential scam.

      Important Details for Investigation and Community Alert:

      • Investment Amount: $900
      • Issue: Withdrawal of funds blocked unless additional money is deposited
      • Website in Question: Gelcrypto (specific URL not provided)

      If you have used Gelcrypto and faced similar issues or have additional information like specific website URLs, contact emails, or wallet addresses related to Gelcrypto, please come forward. Sharing your story can assist in investigations and help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.

      If You Have Been Affected:

      • Provide any details that may aid in tracking the activities of the scam, including communication records or transaction receipts.
      • Remember to keep your personal data secure when disclosing information publicly.

      Let’s work together to shed light on these deceptive practices and support those affected.

      Stay vigilant,
      Community Admin Team

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          Warning – Scam Involving and Fraudulent Cryptocurrency Transactions

          Public Advisory and Request for Information

          This post serves as a warning about fraudulent activities associated with the website and related cryptocurrency transactions. A recent incident has involved the unauthorized withdrawal of Ether (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies, significantly impacting an individual’s savings.

          Relevant Details for OSINT Investigation:

          If you have encountered similar incidents or have been a victim of a scam involving Gelcrypto or any of the addresses above, please come forward and share your story. Any additional information could be crucial for investigations and to prevent future scams.

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