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      Dear Community,

      I’m here to share a critical review of WestHarvey Finance, found at, following a concerning report from a victim in Orland Park, Illinois, who lost $1,500 to what appears to be a sophisticated investment scam.

      The Triggering Incident

      – Initial Report: The scam was reported to the BBB on January 3, 2023. The victim was enticed to invest in crypto mining via WestHarvey Finance after a recommendation on LinkedIn.
      – Deceptive Promises: The victim’s family member invested $1,500, with the platform falsely claiming substantial profits, eventually leading to demands for opening a business account to withdraw the purported earnings.

      Deep Dive into WestHarvey Finance

      – Domain Registration: Registered through NameCheap, Inc. on November 23, 2021, for two years by Jillian Boyer from Lagos, Nigeria.
      – Contact Details: The Whois records list a phone number with a Florida area code, which is misleading considering the Nigerian registration.
      – Web Traffic: Despite being over a year old, the site has attracted minimal traffic and has no backlinks, indicating a lack of credibility.

      Offerings and Claims

      – Investment Options: Claims to provide a range of investment opportunities with seemingly unrealistic growth rates.
      – Membership Plans: Four tiers of membership ranging from $1,000 to $500,000, each offering implausibly high daily growth rates.
      – Miscellaneous Claims: The site also mentions ICOs, Bitcoin Airdrops, and numerous accolades, including being named one of 2021‘s Most Ethical Companies, which could not be verified.

      Red Flags and Inconsistencies

      – Copied Content: Much of the website’s text is plagiarized from various sources.
      – False Representation: The alleged CEO’s identity is falsely linked to a legitimate financial institution.
      – Dubious Addresses and Contact Info: Provided addresses and phone numbers are either fake or misleading.

      Social Media Presence

      – Non-functional Links: Social media links on the website do not work, further raising suspicions.
      – Inconsistent Information: The Facebook page lists a different location (Phoenix, FL), adding to the inconsistencies.


      – High Probability of Scam: The evidence points towards WestHarvey Finance being a fraudulent operation, enticing victims with high returns on crypto investments.

      Our Advice

      – Exercise Caution: Given the multiple red flags, we advise against investing with WestHarvey Finance.
      – Share Experiences: If you have any information or have interacted with WestHarvey Finance, please share your experiences to help others make informed decisions.

      Stay vigilant and approach such investment opportunities with caution.

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