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      Coinbase allowed the unauthorized withdrawal of $1,065 from my account. While I observed unauthorized access to my account, I urgently contacted Coinbase, pleading for them to halt the transactions, asserting it was not my action. Despite my immediate communication and appeals for intervention, Coinbase permitted the hackers to withdraw $1,000. In response to the security breach, Coinbase instructed me via email to call them at (888) 908-7930. Throughout the call, I implored them to prevent further unauthorized transactions, but my pleas were disregarded. Only after the $1,000 was taken did they propose to lock my account and initiate an investigation. On September 21, 2023, upon checking, I discovered my account was not only still accessible but also that an additional $65 had been taken, leaving a zero balance. Further inquiries to Coinbase about the failure to secure my account and prevent further losses received no meaningful support or resolution. This experience underscores a grievous lack of protective measures and customer care, rendering them complicit in the loss.

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