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      Hello Everyone,

      I wanted to bring to your attention an emerging situation involving, a platform that’s generating significant concern due to potential scam activities. We’ve conducted an extensive review after receiving a complaint on August 10, 2023, which I believe is critical to share with our community.

      A user was approached on Instagram for a conversation that shifted from Indonesian tourism to cryptocurrency investment. This led them to Idleinn, where they invested $2,900. However, their attempts to withdraw funds were denied, with the platform citing money laundering suspicions and demanding a payment equal to 100% of the user’s assets for account access. This incident resulted in a total loss of $3,400, including investments and trading profits.

      Red Flags Identified:
      – Template Usage: seems to be using a template commonly associated with many Chinese scams.
      – Registration and Operation: The domain is registered in Hong Kong, China. They claim a wide range of encrypted currency trading services but with several inconsistencies.
      – Discrepancies and Lack of Transparency: There are noticeable discrepancies in user numbers and a lack of clear risk information. Security measures and operational details are vaguely described.
      – Concerns in White Paper and API Documentation: The provided documents raise several red flags, including survivor bias, unclear references to corporate behavior impacts, and a lack of comprehensive risk management details.
      – Terms of Service and Disclaimer Issues: High compensation demands and a comprehensive list of no-liability scenarios are concerning. There’s a notable exclusion of mainland China from their services.
      – Complaints from Users: Reports of frozen accounts and threats, along with demands for additional deposits, further raise suspicions about the platform’s legitimacy.

      Given the multitude of red flags and the personal experiences shared by users, it is advisable to approach with extreme caution. The discrepancies and questionable practices noted during our review suggest a high risk of fraudulent activities.

      For anyone who has had similar experiences or fallen victim to this platform, sharing your story could help others. If you’ve suffered financial losses, professional assistance for fund recovery might be a viable option.

      Stay safe and informed, and always do thorough research before engaging in online investment platforms.

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          I believe this is a scam. I had assets worth over 8000 USDT and a profit of 5000 USDT. When I attempted to withdraw a large amount, my account was suddenly frozen. They accused me of conducting illegal transactions with an unknown account. They have created unnecessary rules with numerous restrictions. To unfreeze my account, I am required to add an amount equal to 100% of the total principal in the account. They even threatened to seize my properties and damage my personal reputation. I now realize that I have been scammed by them and have lost my money.

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