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      There have been alarming reports associated with Freetour and its operations through A victim has reported losing college funds due to fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions with this entity.

      Case Specifics:

      • Scam Name: Freetour
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin (BTC)
      • Transaction Hash: TDMWptuQw98pc1pwMYeMN93YW132K1mJtK
      • Receiving Address: 0xA8236945C65FcC819A6Ad62C8c4aC004fe14abA1

      Please be extremely cautious if you have transacted with or have been contacted by Freetour or directed to the website or receiving address mentioned above. If you’ve also been affected by transactions involving Freetour or have transferred money to the receiving address, we strongly encourage you to come forward with your story.

      By sharing your experiences, you may provide crucial information that could assist in open-source intelligence (OSINT) efforts and prevent further losses. When sharing your experience, please include specific details such as the date and time of the transaction, the promised investment returns, any communication you had with the scammers, and the methods they used to persuade you to invest.

      Together, we can increase awareness about such fraudulent schemes and help others avoid falling victim. Your voice is critical in the fight against online fraud and cryptocurrency scams.

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          Hello Yoshi,

          Thank you for sharing your encounter and for being vigilant. Your instincts served you well; by researching, you likely avoided becoming another victim of this scam.

          The information you’ve come across on the forum regarding and the associated company, Freetour, aligns with your suspicions. It’s concerning to hear that they attempted to recruit you for seemingly simple tasks with the promise of quick money. These are classic signs of a potential scam, often targeting individuals looking for remote work opportunities.

          We must continue sharing such experiences openly to help educate and protect each other digitally. If anyone else has encountered similar offers or has been in contact with Freetour, please contribute to this discussion.

          Stay safe, and always trust your gut when something feels off. Your actions could make a difference for someone else.

          Best regards,
          Adam from Forum

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            Hello everyone, on April 21st, I received a text on WhatsApp about a remote part-time job. As I was looking into it, they informed me it’s with a company called Free Tour and that I could make $200 by doing simple tasks. I followed her instructions to text customer service and ask for the wallet address. However, feeling suspicious, I told her that I felt like it’s a scam. She responded by saying that one can never do any job online if they have this attitude. So, I simply copied and pasted the URL TDMWptuQw98pc1pwMYeMN93YW132K1mJtKinto Google to check the link, and I found that there is already a scam reported by somebody.

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