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      A scam involving a website masquerading as a legitimate cryptocurrency service has been reported, leading to significant losses. A user has fallen victim to a phishing attack that mimicked the actual Boost website, leading to the theft of $3,000 worth of cryptocurrency from their MetaMask wallet. The scam was initiated via a direct message on Telegram by someone named “Emperor Walker,” who provided instructions on “sync” coins, resulting in the theft.

      Case Details:

      • Scam Website (Suspected): (This is the victim’s best guess; the fraudulent website used by the scammer is unknown as the conversation was deleted immediately after the theft.)
      • Transaction Hash: 0x71a9d9441d43e08cc0bf333a9dd098d2d605c69e3d811ca017088533bc49dab2
      • Receiving Address: 0x7387b17cCF07899CAB8Cd3496Ac9a95635aC8247

      The victim notes that the scammer deleted the Telegram conversation soon after the funds were stolen but mentions that the scammer’s transactions are visible on the blockchain, which suggests that the activity can be traced.

      If you have been scammed by “Emperor Walker” or have experienced a similar scheme, please share your story and any relevant details, such as transaction hashes, wallet addresses, and correspondence. Your information is critical for tracing the scammer’s activities and could help recover lost funds.

      To those affected, remember that sharing specific details of your interactions, such as wallet addresses and transaction hashes, can significantly aid in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations.

      If you have any information regarding this scam or similar fraudulent activities, share your experiences here to alert the community and provide crucial data for ongoing investigations.

      We understand how devastating such losses can be and are committed to assisting victims of such scams with the resources and support we have available.

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