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      I am a victim of a cyber scam and have transferred about $10,500.

      The scammer instructed me to download the Kraken and DeFi wallet apps.

      Subsequently, I was directed to transfer the funds to my Kraken account via Interac. Within the Kraken account, I was told to purchase Ethereum (ETH) coins. These were then withdrawn and transferred to the DeFi wallet.

      Following this, I was instructed to use the browser within the DeFi wallet and paste the link

      All the ETH coins were sent to this link and were exchanged for USDT. The amount is currently there, but I am unable to transfer the funds.

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          Same thing happen to me as well. She ask d me to use Crypto app, Coinbase and defi and then I checked with Coinbase and Crypto teams they don’t recognize this website. I see the amount is there but gives error while sending. Scammer told me the website is legit and they have their customer service in Telegram names as CoinDex_17. I first contacted CoinDex_17 in Telegram app, thought it was legitimate crypto service. now, I think they are also part of the scam. They don’t help in any way.

          I think the site is a scam and the person I met online was a scammer. They already took the money. But I am communicating with Crypto via emails and chat if there is something we can do from our side.

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