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      The community needs to be aware of a significant scam operation that has been reported, involving a fraudulent group posing as a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. This alert serves to inform and protect potential victims by sharing key details that can aid in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations and possibly recover lost funds.

      Scam Details:
      – Fraudulent Group: Bybit Crypto Exchange (Note: This is not to be confused with any legitimate exchange that may have a similar name.)
      – Scam Website: (Attention: Do not interact with this website; it is associated with fraudulent activities.)
      – Reported Scam Transactions: Multiple transactions have been reported where Bitcoin (BTC) was sent to various addresses under the guise of investment returns or exchanges.
      – Receiving Address: 11333 Oregon Trl (This appears to be a physical address, which is unusual for cryptocurrency transactions and could potentially be part of the scam tactic.)

      Known Wallet Addresses Associated with the Scam:
      0x4CE791AeE7378995b510F90c6b547D0800DD674e (USDT)
      bc1qx0yzw462qn6aeqvzvlpudc30pdepv88zgt8et4 (BTC)
      3PVegh1AreY9dMhY9hBVUsNvNWsrAbL96e (BTC)
      3A2be6qHtTYzZKByqfVTHQyTfT46Zyh1d9 (BTC)
      19kkRD9YAtB69wBd8EddcWDiVg2YkoJW2w (BTC)
      1HBPS9Jd53hY7wHCCBBgEmFDipaSdbxDRg (BTC)
      1CN4LBTB9e69uWBGFr7tCYjR7qJpRsQe5g (BTC)

      Transaction Hash Examples:

      Total Reported Loss: Over $33,000 in USD.

      If you have fallen prey to this scam, it is essential to report the incident to local authorities, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), and cryptocurrency fraud monitoring services.

      We invite anyone who has had similar experiences with this scammer to share their stories. Collective information can lead to a better understanding and potentially assist in recovery efforts.

      By staying informed and cautious, we can protect ourselves and others from these fraudulent schemes. Your cooperation and vigilance are vital in the fight against cryptocurrency scams.

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