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      Scam Alert for the Crypto Community

      Scam Type: Cryptocurrency Invoice Fraud
      Date Reported: October 25, 2023
      Victim Location: AL, USA- 35215

      Scammer Details:

      • Location: Orange, CA- 92868
      • Contact Number: (844) 557-2096

      Description of Scam: A scammer attempted to defraud an individual by sending a fake invoice claiming a purchase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies totaling $328.66. Upon contacting the provided number, the victim encountered a person with a foreign accent who was unhelpful and unclear, promising to cancel the charge. Fortunately, the victim did not see any unauthorized charges on their bank statement and promptly alerted their bank and authorities.

      Important Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Fraudulent Contact Number: (844) 557-2096. This number could be crucial for tracing other potentially fraudulent activities linked to the same scammers.
      • Claimed Location: Orange, CA- 92868. The location might be used as a base for sending out fraudulent communications or as a fictitious address to lend credibility to their scam.

      If you have encountered a similar scam or received a suspicious invoice related to cryptocurrency transactions from the number (844) 557-2096 or any entity claiming to be from Orange, CA, please share your experience. Your insights could be invaluable in helping others identify this scam and avoid falling victim to similar fraudulent activities.

      Let’s work together to shed light on these deceptive practices and protect our community from potential scams. Sharing your story can provide crucial information for ongoing OSINT investigations and help prevent others from being scammed.

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