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      We received the following complaint:

      I have been scammed of 1557 USD, disguised as a remote job opportunity.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Tron/TRC-10/TRC-20 Token
      • Transaction Hash: b2a0c42854873fe2e987677b03e69ce433cf4791754e619dd5394e708dbe549f
      • Scam Name: Onbuy, H&M Group
      • Scam Website URL:

      Below are some suspicious transactions linked to this scam, showing withdrawals from Bybit under various addresses:

      1. Withdrawal Address: TYx3fUsQdYUTQJjfztmftk5WfSzemZze7h

      – Amount: 498.7000 USDT
      – TXID: b2a0c42854873fe2e987677b03e69ce433cf4791754e619dd5394e708dbe549f

      2. Withdrawal Address: TRjxibRVwVSnLBKh44Eue2UXr6MYpNUxEc

      – Amount: 316.0000 USDT

      3. Withdrawal Address: TCmaagoTdi8ng6WWmYjk3bDsUMkVHZViWE

      – Amount: 164.5900 USDT
      – TXID: a459b7bdd4c15f47e6889ec309259e39a0eefaded82ea518d5ea45f138cab515

      Useful Information for OSINT Investigations:

      – Scam Website:
      – Withdrawal Addresses:
      – TYx3fUsQdYUTQJjfztmftk5WfSzemZze7h
      – TRjxibRVwVSnLBKh44Eue2UXr6MYpNUxEc
      – TCmaagoTdi8ng6WWmYjk3bDsUMkVHZViWE

      If you have been scammed by or the individuals behind “Onbuy” or “H&M Group,” please share your stories and any additional information. Your contribution can help gather more data to prevent others from falling victim to this scam.

      Stay vigilant and verify the legitimacy of remote job opportunities and online transactions.

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