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      Dear Community,

      I’m here to share a concerning experience I had with a man I met online, which I believe was an attempted scam. This individual, who introduced himself as Lucas Graham, claimed to have a business association with Chevron Co. He told me he was currently in Amsterdam and had a business check issued to me for 10 million dollars from Chevron.

      However, the story took a suspicious turn when he claimed that his account was frozen after transferring money to a company in Amsterdam. He then asked me to transfer $50,000 to his account. Sensing something amiss, I refused to make the transfer, which led to him becoming extremely angry.

      He has since requested me to send the check to his apartment at 87 Peachtree St SW, Atlanta, GA. Interestingly, the check he had mailed to me was sent from an apartment in Auburn, AL, which added to my suspicions.

      I am relieved to say that I wasn’t deceived by his story, but I am concerned that he might attempt this scam on other unsuspecting individuals, particularly targeting women. His actions not only raise questions about his intentions but also about the potential misuse of Chevron’s name in fraudulent activities.

      I urge everyone to be extremely cautious when dealing with strangers online, especially those involving large sums of money and personal information. Always verify the legitimacy of such claims and never transfer money or personal details to anyone you meet online without thorough vetting.

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