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      Hello everyone,

      I’m reaching out for advice and to share a cautionary tale about my recent experiences with several trading platforms and a recovery service, in hopes of preventing others from falling into similar traps.

      In November 2023, I joined four different trading platforms through Instagram advertisements, which led me to WhatsApp groups. These groups claimed to assist individuals in day trading by providing signals. The platforms I joined include:


      I invested nearly $20,000 across these platforms. Unfortunately, I ended up losing most of my investment and the estimated earnings, totaling around $154K.

      I faced various issues with these companies. Some of them prevented me from withdrawing funds, while others demanded payment of capital gains taxes before releasing any withdrawals. Devastated by these losses, which included taking out loans and exhausting my savings, I sought a recovery service.

      This led me to Crypto Reclaim (, which offered recovery services without upfront fees, instead taking 10-15% of the recovered amount. However, the recovery process raised several red flags. I was asked to use a software called “Ethan Hack Software” and my Blockchain recovery phrase on certain sites to generate a BIP39 root key. Ultimately, the promised funds did not materialize in my Blockchain account, except for a mere $1.61.

      Further interactions with the recovery service led me to suspect another scam. They asked me to initiate a transaction of 0.12 BTC to activate the recovery funds, which I found dubious since I didn’t have such funds in my account.

      I’m now deeply concerned that I might be victim to another scam and stand to lose even more. They might have access to my account and recovery phrase. I urgently need advice on a reputable recovery company to help me navigate this situation and potentially recover my funds.

      Any guidance or suggestions from this community would be immensely appreciated. Please share if you have had similar experiences or know of reliable recovery services.

      Thank you for your help.

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, as the name suggests, positions itself as a rescuer for those who have lost their digital assets to various online frauds. The services they claim to provide are indeed wide-ranging, covering scenarios like hardware failures, forgotten passwords, and, ironically, scams. They assert their expertise in handling an array of cryptocurrencies, including popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, and claim to work with various types of wallets.

          Upon a closer look, the site mentions collaborations with entities like Bukh Law Firm and Cybersec, hinting at a blend of legal and technical expertise. However, a deeper dive into these claims raises some red flags. The lack of specific regulatory compliance information and the vagueness of their success claims are concerning. Additionally, their promise of no upfront fees, while seemingly reassuring, requires a more thorough understanding of their overall fee structure.

          More worrisome are the website’s contact details. They provide a WhatsApp widget and a direct contact number, but the authenticity and functionality of these channels are questionable. Broken links to social media and a generic email placeholder further diminish the site’s credibility.

          Our analysis also extends to their online presence. The associated Instagram account crypto_recovery_agency and YouTube channel “Crypto Recovery Experts” (@cryptorecoveryexperts) suggest an active engagement in the field of cryptocurrency recovery. However, the lack of extensive viewership, engagement, and external validation on these platforms doesn’t conclusively support the site’s legitimacy.

          In summary, while claims to be a solution for those who have lost their digital assets to scams, various aspects of their operation suggest proceeding with caution. We urge anyone who has interacted with this service or is considering doing so, to conduct thorough research and seek independent verification of all claims.

          For those who have fallen victim to such scams, sharing your experience can be instrumental in preventing others from similar fates. We encourage discussion and sharing of experiences related to this service. Remember, staying informed and vigilant is key in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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