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      I initially invested $56. After attempting to withdraw my funds, I was informed that I had to pay a $168 maintenance fee, which I did. Following this, I was told to pay an additional $93 for “wallet address link-up fees.” Despite complying with these demands, I could not withdraw my funds and was blocked from further communication.

      Fraudulent Company: ExperTradeCapitals


      • Initial investment requested: $56
      • Subsequent fees demanded: $168 (maintenance fees), $93 (wallet address link-up fees)
      • Total amount lost: $351
      • Communication block after attempting to withdraw funds, indicating potential use of temporary or disposable contact methods by the scammer.
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          A recent case has surfaced regarding a cryptocurrency scam orchestrated through The fraudulent scheme involves soliciting initial investments with promises of easy withdrawal, followed by demands for additional fees under various pretexts, such as maintenance and wallet address link-up fees.

          Initial Transaction Details:

          • Scam Name: ExperTradeCapitals
          • Transaction Hash: Rsa6qWRjcezukWv8T1twGvWHkiNQahXa8G6eU5kVrn1fj4RZpy3XYDTwbfBxK4APK6iW5BdrHo2TWwZph7ruJKW
          • Scam Website URL:
          • Receiving Address: GgMNKxC63jZcEYd4Epx1uREjRhQnpMnWWePzDvoAREAR

          If you have made transactions to the address above or have been involved with and faced similar issues, please come forward and share your story. Your information may be crucial for OSINT investigations and could help prevent others from falling prey to the same scam.

          Your reports can contribute significantly to tracking down the perpetrators and warning potential victims. If you have encountered ExperTradeCapitals or have been affected by similar scams, sharing your experience could be instrumental in combating such fraudulent activities.

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