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      Hello Community,

      I want to bring to your attention an important warning about a recent scam involving the NHS and the Omicron COVID-19 variant. It’s crucial to stay informed and protect yourself from these fraudulent activities.

      Omicron Phishing Scam Text
      Scammers are sending out texts claiming to be from the NHS, informing recipients that they’ve been in close contact with someone who has the Omicron strain. These messages often direct people to a URL to purchase a PCR test, which includes paying for the test or shipping costs. The URL may contain words like “test and trace,” “swab,” “health,” or even “NHS,” and leads to a website closely resembling the official NHS site.

      NHS Twitter Warning
      The NHS has issued warnings, especially on Twitter, alerting people to these fraudulent messages. They’ve made it clear that they never ask for bank details or provide free PCR testing via such messages.

      Avoiding Omicron Phishing Scam Texts and Emails
      Here are some tips to protect yourself:
      1. Be Cautious of Suspicious Messages: If you receive a message asking you to click a link or provide personal information, be wary.
      2. Do Not Provide Personal Information: Never enter sensitive details like passwords or bank information on untrusted sites.
      3. Contact the NHS Directly: If unsure about a message’s authenticity, contact the NHS directly rather than responding to the text or email.
      4. Report Suspicious Messages: You can report questionable texts to your phone carrier by forwarding them to 7726.

      The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is also advising the public on how to report these scam texts.

      Remember, staying informed and cautious is key to avoiding these scams. If you’ve encountered such messages or have more tips to share, please do so. Let’s keep each other informed and safe.

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