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      A recent scam has come to light involving a fraudulent scheme promising financial returns for payments made through Cash App’s Bitcoin feature. The victim, located in CA, USA (ZIP code 95062), reported a loss of $450 due to the scam. Despite the financial loss, the scammer continues to contact the victim, attempting to solicit more money.

      Scam Details:

      • Contact Number: (430) 558-3010
      • Location of Targeted Individual: CA, USA – 95062
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Dollars Lost: $450
      • Date Reported: January 29, 2024

      This scam involves deceptive promises of monetary gain in exchange for Bitcoin payments through the Cash App. The scammer’s persistence in attempting to extract further payments from the victim highlights the manipulative tactics employed.

      For OSINT Investigations:

      • The phone number provided ((430) 558-3010) is a key piece of information that can be used to track the scammer’s activity and potentially identify them.
      • Investigating the area code and number might reveal additional complaints or patterns associated with this scammer.
      • Given the reference to Cash App, there may be digital footprints or transaction records that can provide further leads.

      If you’ve experienced a similar scam, especially involving Bitcoin payments through Cash App, sharing your story can help others recognize and avoid these deceptive tactics. Your input can provide valuable insights into the scammer’s methods and potentially aid in preventing further victims. Please include any details that may be relevant, such as the scammer’s contact information, the nature of the communications, and any other information that could be useful for OSINT investigations or for alerting others to this scam.

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