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      An alarming report has emerged from MS, USA, detailing a scam involving a fabricated order from Binance through Coinbase Exchange PVT LTD. The scam message demanded payment of $861.78 via PayPal and was accompanied by detailed but likely fraudulent information.

      Scam Details:

      • Fraudulent Order Amount: $861.78
      • Payment Method: PayPal
      • Order Invoice Number: 184FLD-664PAG-663TNJ
      • Scammer’s Contact Number: (571) 377-8672
      • Billing Head Name: Anton Kollman
      • Mailing Address: W Mill Nc Great Lake Laurafurt, Oklahoma, USA
      • Wallet ID: 5475d645-4fdd-4abc-aeb4-13a2f52c0880
      • Buyer UID: JIID-139-FEU
      • Scammer’s Email:
      • Scammer’s Claimed Location: Laurafurt, OK
      • Date Reported: February 22, 2024
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency

      The detailed information the victim provides, such as the scammer’s contact details, billing head name, and unique transaction identifiers, can be crucial for anyone conducting open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations. This data may help uncover the extent of the scam operation and potentially link it to other fraudulent activities.

      If you’ve experienced a similar scam, especially involving unsolicited cryptocurrency transaction claims via email or any communication using the contact information mentioned above, sharing your story could be instrumental in preventing others from falling victim to similar schemes.

      Please remain cautious of unsolicited emails or messages requesting payments or personal financial information, particularly involving cryptocurrency transactions. Verify all transactions independently through official channels and never rely solely on the information provided in unsolicited communications.

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