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      Scam URLs:


      A concerning report has surfaced involving a sophisticated cryptocurrency investment scam attributed to an entity calling itself “Retcon LLC.” Victims are lured with the promise of profitable returns on investment platforms manipulated to prevent withdrawals unless additional payments are made.

      Key Details of the Scam:

      • Fraudulent Websites:
      • Scammer Social Media Profiles:
      • Stacy Fx Griffin –
      • Nuhu Ulama –
      • Bitcoin Wallet Addresses:
      • Retcon: 3HmXwoWeqDuHPtArcCas2Qn8E6FXxj1E33
      • Confirmation Upload: Bc1q3jq3ceua43lnscz7jdac8zl6csgphadlk4waj0
      • Stacy’s Personal: 1Bt2HZx2qsPLVGHSR2PVLs8EjBtc9bnz9U
      • Email Addresses:
      • Retcon: ``
      • Other Associated Scams:
      • ``
      • Amount Lost: $26,000
      • Victim Location: NJ, USA – ZIP Code 07083
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Date Reported: November 4, 2023

      The scam operation involves various tactics, including using fake social media profiles, fraudulent websites, and multiple cryptocurrency wallet addresses to siphon funds from victims. The scammers also employ fake testimonials and broker services, predominantly promoted through YouTube comments, to bolster their credibility.

      If you have encountered similar schemes, especially involving the mentioned websites, social media profiles, email addresses, or Bitcoin wallets, sharing your story could significantly aid in warning others and possibly contribute to tracking down the perpetrators.

      For those affected, documenting all communications, transaction records, and any other interaction with the scammers could be crucial for any potential investigation or recovery efforts. While recovery of lost funds can be challenging, especially in cryptocurrency scams, reporting to appropriate authorities and platforms where these scams are promoted can help mitigate further victimization.

      Let’s stand together in raising awareness and preventing further losses to such deceptive practices. Your experience and information could be invaluable in helping others navigate and avoid similar pitfalls.

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