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      Urgent Notice to the Online Investment Community: A concerning report has surfaced involving the website, which is allegedly involved in a sophisticated cryptocurrency scam. Individuals are being targeted via social media platforms like Facebook, where representatives of the site promise high returns on investments in cryptocurrency.

      Detailed Complaint Information:

      • Scam Website: (Please note the typo in the reported URL; it might be a misspelling of the actual scam site, so exercise caution with similarly named sites.)
      • Initial Investment Request: Victims are persuaded to transfer $800 worth of cryptocurrency to an account associated with
      • False Promise of Returns: After making the initial investment, victims are informed their investment has matured to $17,000. However, to release these funds, they are told to pay an additional fee of $2,400.
      • Current Situation: The victim’s account on reportedly still displays a balance of $17,000, alongside records of the initial $800 payment. Text messages and photographs document correspondence with the scammer.
      • Total Loss: $1,300
      • Victim’s Location: MO, USA (63112)
      • Reported Date: November 21, 2023

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Social Media Activity: Investigate the scammer’s presence on Facebook, including any profiles or pages associated with
      • Website Analysis: Examine the domain registration details, hosting information, and any web content related to for connections to known scam operations.
      • Financial Transactions: Trace the cryptocurrency transactions (if wallet addresses are available) to map out the flow of funds and identify potential links to other fraudulent activities.

      If you have been approached by or have fallen victim to or a similar cryptocurrency investment scam, please come forward and share your story. Your insights could be instrumental in preventing others from falling prey to similar deceitful tactics.

      • Share any correspondence, transaction details, and evidence of payments to assist in building a comprehensive understanding of the scammer’s methods.
      • Detail your interaction with the scammer, including any communication channels used, to help identify patterns and potential red flags.

      Reminder: Always exercise skepticism and due diligence before making any online investments, especially those promising unusually high returns. Verify the legitimacy of any investment opportunity through independent research and consider consulting with financial experts.

      Together, we can help safeguard our community from these predatory schemes.

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          Another related complaint:

          The scam was facilitated through Robocon, directing victims to invest with The victim reported investing $1,000 through the platform, only to receive $800, leading to a net loss. Despite this, the scam website falsely displays a balance of $1,700 to the victim.

          The fraudulent scheme is being advertised on Facebook, indicating the use of social media to reach potential victims.

          Location of Victim: MO, USA (63112)

          Report Date: November 20, 2023

          If you’ve encountered, or if you’ve been a victim of a similar cryptocurrency scam, please share your experience. Your story could provide crucial details that help protect others from falling victim to similar fraudulent activities.

          Let’s work together to expose these fraudulent schemes and support those who have been affected.

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