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      Several months ago, I joined a Telegram group ( that provides cryptocurrency trading signals and market analysis. This group promotes what they refer to as a “HIGH YIELD TRADES” system, claiming to invest individuals’ funds through an automated system and return profits within a few days. On October 9, 2023, I reached out to the group’s administrator (@WolfofTradingAdmin), who instructed me to complete a specific form. Subsequently, I was directed to transfer an amount of $500 in USDT to a designated address. The following day, I was asked to create an account on a website ( to monitor my trades in real-time. After 11 days, I received an email from, indicating that my trade had concluded and a 15% commission on my total profit, amounting to $3500 in USDT, was due. This translated to a fee of $525 in USDT. I informed the administrator that I could not afford this commission, and they suggested a reduced rate of 10%, or $350 in USDT, which I complied with and sent to the same address on October 23, 2023. They assured me that my profits would be available within 48 hours. However, shortly before the expected time, they notified me that the process was still ongoing and would be delayed.

      The next day, they removed our conversation from Telegram (before I could capture a screenshot) and banned me from the channel. Based on the timing of their posts, I inferred that they operate out of Southeast Asia.

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