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      Attention Community: A new cryptocurrency scam has been identified, targeting individuals attempting to withdraw cash through Bitcoin. This scam operates under a facade of legitimacy, using the website to deceive victims into believing they are engaging in a genuine transaction.

      Essential Scam Details:

      • Scam URL:
      • Contact Information: Phone: (357) 216-8519 (Note: The country code (357) is for Cyprus, which might indicate the international nature of this scam or a tactic to mislead victims about the scammer’s actual location.)
      • Modus Operandi: Victims are led to believe they can withdraw cash via Bitcoin transactions. After initiating the process, they encounter multiple fabricated fees and charges that must be paid before the supposed release of funds.
      • Financial Loss: $800, with potential for more if victims continue to comply with additional demands.
      • Victim’s Location: CO, USA (80907)
      • Reported Date: November 21, 2023

      If you’ve encountered or have been victimized in a similar cryptocurrency scam, sharing your story could help prevent further victimization. Your experience is valuable for understanding the scammer’s tactics and possibly identifying patterns that could lead to their apprehension.

      Please Share:

      • Any additional contact details provided by the scammer.
      • Bitcoin wallet addresses or other cryptocurrency details involved in the scam.
      • Correspondence or instructions that might help in identifying the scam’s operational methods.

      Remember, the collective effort of the community can significantly contribute to raising awareness and protecting potential victims from falling prey to these fraudulent schemes.

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