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      Hello Forum Members,

      Today, I’m bringing to light an important review of, a website involved in questionable activities, and contrasting it with the legitimate platform, This discussion is vital for anyone involved in or interested in the NFT market.

      Overview of
      – Alleged Scam Involvement: implicated in a potential scam involving a non-existent “blockchain credit score.”
      – User Experience: A user reported being asked to pay a significant sum to supposedly raise their blockchain credit score for transferring USDT.
      – Domain Analysis: Registered in India, has minimal traffic and questionable web practices, including dubious meta tags and connections to potentially fraudulent domains.

      Red Flags :
      – Vague Site Description: Lack of clear operational details and reliance on generic terms.
      – Unverified Claims: Assertions of being a first-of-its-kind platform without substantiation.
      – Questionable Practices: Indications of an MLM or pyramid scheme structure and a lack of transparency.
      – Dubious Associations: Links to other suspect domains and a history of fraudulent exchanges.

      Comparative Analysis – The Real NFTBase (
      – Legitimacy: established as a credible platform offering free analytical tools for NFT trading.
      – User-Friendly Features: Includes an NFT Tracker and a mobile app for on-the-go market data access.
      – Web Presence: Moderate traffic and social media engagement, with potential for growth in online authority.

      Conclusion and Warning:
      – A platform surrounded by red flags, dubious claims, and potential scams. Users are advised to exercise extreme caution and skepticism.
      – In contrast, emerges as a legitimate and valuable resource in the NFT space, worth exploring for enthusiasts and traders.

      Stay Informed and Cautious in the NFT Arena!

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