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      Greetings to all in the community!

      Today, we delve into a comprehensive review of Bitcoinfrex, a platform claiming to be a cryptocurrency exchange, as found at

      Overview of Bitcoinfrex
      Bitcoinfrex presents itself as a crypto exchange offering trading and custodial services. It claims high transaction speeds, low fees, and robust security measures.

      Domain and Website Analysis
      The domain, registered for a year, raises questions. The contact details, including an address in New York and an email with a Russian domain, create a mixed impression. With moderate website traffic and backlinks lacking credibility, the site’s legitimacy is in question.

      Services and Claims
      Bitcoinfrex boasts of advanced trading features, security protocols, and a variety of listing options for crypto projects. However, the lack of contact details on their homepage or FAQ section is concerning.

      Discrepancies and Red Flags
      Significant discrepancies are noted:

      1. Domain Registration: The site was registered in 2022, conflicting with its claim of establishment in 2017.
      2. Founder’s Information: Founder Justin Hance lacks a verifiable online presence, and the provided company address in Sydney houses multiple businesses.
      3. Regulatory Compliance: Claims of regulation and licensing in Australia are unverified.
      4. Vague Claims: The platform’s promises of efficiency and security are unsubstantiated.

      User Complaints and Reviews
      A BBB complaint from a Louisiana resident indicates a loss of $8,000. Google reviews and TrustPilot comments also suggest the platform as a scam, cautioning against investment.

      Conclusion: Exercise Caution
      Based on our investigation, Bitcoinfrex exhibits multiple red flags typical of a scam. The lack of transparent and verifiable information, coupled with user complaints, advises potential investors to approach with extreme caution or avoid entirely.

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