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      I want to share my experience with a now-defunct cryptocurrency investment platform,, which turned out to be a sophisticated scam. I hope this account will serve as a warning to others in the crypto community.

      My journey with began with what appeared to be a standard investment in cryptocurrency mining. However, the first major red flag was raised when I attempted to withdraw my profits from the portfolio. They demanded an upfront payment of $200 to access my earnings.

      After paying the $200 fee, I expected to receive my profits. Instead, I was given 0.587 BTC in my Coinbase wallet. Alarmingly, upon inspection by the Coinbase support team, this BTC was revealed to be fake – a mere imitation of the real cryptocurrency.

      This discovery clearly indicates that was not a legitimate operation. Despite my efforts to resolve the issue with them, they have not released my payout, which totals around $56,200.

      Their primary mode of communication was through a WhatsApp number (+1 (904) 326-3058), which is highly unusual for legitimate businesses in the cryptocurrency sector. This further added to my suspicion.

      As of now, is no longer accessible online.

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