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      Beware of a fraudulent scheme impersonating the company ELogic. A victim reports being contacted via WhatsApp with a job offer and was instructed to purchase cryptocurrency for ELogic through her bank account, resulting in a scam of $12,000 across multiple transactions.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hashes:
      • TUA3n397xMcAQSZDFx-Gi71xWEs2e6xzDAz
      • TQsGjfLZ7vgVnQF9T-p8HZWUgWz5n4mTLEF
      • TGYPyBWyw-X7j6GNBedykvR4Uvtg-QGVBDL5
      • TCsF3ggjK5ngxBGRW7q-WnXDwaTDBBq5ojz
      • TDcZBaPTndeC6APCvB-HFXF8W6L1bARQ59e
      • TAq6t8trRqNSAeF3UR-whmwZHF6uKNVH4gk
      • T9zuCcKgLCwkyhygRNc-Fsi8fEeCckkwN2v (as per the latest received transaction)

      Please share your story if you’ve received a similar job offer or have interacted with any of the above transaction hashes or Bitcoin addresses. Your input is vital in warning others and could provide crucial leads in investigating this scam.

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