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      Hello Community,

      I am sharing my recent experience with an advance fee scam to raise awareness and hopefully prevent others from falling into a similar trap.

      I was contacted with an offer of receiving $8,000. The individual instructed me to go to Western Union and wait outside, then call 202-922-4388. After the call, I was told I needed to make an advance payment of $100 to proceed, with the Western Union number provided as 0045885273. A second transaction required another $100, with the number 1713502497.

      Believing in the promise of receiving $8,000, I borrowed money to cover these fees. When I inquired about paying these fees from the promised $8,000, I was given vague reasons, citing privacy.

      Unfortunately, it became apparent that I had fallen victim to a scam. The promised money never materialized, and I now have a financial loss.

      I want to alert everyone about this type of scam.

      If anyone has experienced something similar or has advice on steps to take following such a scam, your input would be greatly appreciated.

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