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      Hey everyone,

      Just wanted to drop in and tell you about this scam I fell for. Thought I was dealing with Microsoft Outlook, but nope, it was a scammer. They sent this email that looked super legit, saying they were checking all Outlook Hotmail accounts. They asked for my email and password, and silly me, I gave it to them because I’d been getting similar emails for weeks.

      Turns out, they got into my account and started asking my contacts for Amazon gift cards for my “sick niece.” One of my friends almost lost 200 bucks because of this!

      So yeah, it was a phishing scam. They tricked me into giving my password and then used my account to try and scam my friends. I’ve been busy fixing this mess. Changed my password, ran a virus scan, and told all my friends about it. I even had to report it to Microsoft and keep an eye on my other accounts.

      Just wanted to say, be careful with your emails, guys. These scammers are getting really good at this. Microsoft or any big company isn’t going to ask for your password over email. I learned that the hard way.

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