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      Attention Needed: Scam Involving High Return Promises on Investment

      A vulnerable individual with a medical condition and a parent to seven children has reported a distressing scam. The victim was enticed by a platform operated by Fch Group Limited, which falsely promised a 100% return each day. The victim’s contact with supposed representatives, Professor Brian and Anna Turner, through WhatsApp ended in suspicion when a withdrawal request was made.

      Case Details:

      • Scam Name: Fch Group Limited
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Total Invested: $2300
      • Purported Profit: $3000
      • Total Expected to Withdraw: $5000
      • Receiving Address: 1L7XtmgpWYHQKLX85q7amm7RG3wU41hdBy

      Anyone who has engaged with Fch Group Limited, Professor Brian, Anna Turner, or has transacted to the receiving Bitcoin address provided is encouraged to share their experiences. Your information could be crucial for investigations and helping others avoid similar scams.

      It’s important to approach all investment opportunities with skepticism, especially those that guarantee unusually high or daily returns, as these are common indicators of fraudulent activity. Always research thoroughly and seek independent financial advice before making investments.

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