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      Hello Scam Investigators,

      I’ve come across an intriguing Review of and wanted to share and discuss it here. This platform has connections with other questionable entities, and it’s important we examine it closely.

      1. Background: From Wewe Global to is considered the successor to Wewe Global. The review highlights a message on about transitioning to Journey Bridge, indicating a direct connection.

      Key Insights:
      – Wewe Global: Criticized for its lack of transparency and unsustainable business model focused more on recruitment than genuine profitability.
      – (The Blockchain Era): Marked by a mysterious lack of transparency, dubious affiliations, and negative customer reviews.
      – Connection: Both platforms exhibit traits of Ponzi schemes and there’s an unclear link between Wewe Global,, and

      2. A Deep Dive
      Registered in August 2023 for one year through NameCheap, Inc., the site is protected by a privacy service and hosted by HIVELOCITY. However, it has a low global rank and limited backlinks, indicating minimal authority and trustworthiness.

      Content Analysis:
      – Offers blockchain solutions but lacks transparency (no clear address, no direct contact info).
      – Disclaims liability for inaccuracies and errors.
      – Emphasizes BVI jurisdiction, known for light regulation.

      3. Reviews and User Feedback
      – WebParanoid: Raised concerns about the site’s youth and lack of user activity.
      – Noted a low trust score and hidden owner identity.
      – Linked Wewe Global’s challenges to Journey Bridge.
      – Forum: Discussed operational aspects but raised questions about credibility.
      – TBE The Blockchain Era Facebook Group: Showed a connection between Journey Bridge and other entities.

      4. Conclusion and Caution
      While the review doesn’t conclusively label a scam, several red flags suggest it’s not entirely trustworthy:
      – Lack of regulatory compliance.
      – Vague operational details.
      – Connections with other dubious platforms.

      Given these concerns, it’s wise to proceed with caution or look for more reputable options.

      What are your thoughts? Has anyone here had any direct experience with or similar platforms?

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