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      My daughter encountered a scammer online during a period when my children and I were facing financial hardships. We were tempted by the scammer’s offer to invest in her service, hoping it could alleviate our financial strain. Initially, my daughter invested $20, but nothing materialized. Despite this, she then invested another $40, yet again with no result. The scammer then informed us about various additional fees, which we paid, believing her claims.

      As we were struggling to get by until school resumed, when I would start working again, we continued to engage with the scammer. The offers kept escalating, eventually reaching a point where I paid her $450 for a promised return of $11,000. Despite her assurances and vows to transfer the funds directly to my Zelle account, nothing happened.

      Now, the scammer has increased the stakes, suggesting a $1,500 investment for a supposed return of $31,000. Although I am still troubled by the situation, she continues to promise and swear that she will make the deposit. However, I have confronted her, labeling her actions as a scam.

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