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      Hi fellow forum members,

      I’m here to share a distressing experience I had with a cryptocurrency investment, in hopes that it might prevent others from falling into a similar trap. In 2017, I invested in the SOLAR/BTC market on, only to realize later that it was a scam.

      Here’s what happened: The SOLAR/BTC market initially seemed like a promising investment opportunity. However, it soon became apparent that the market had no real volume. It was a cryptocurrency that wasn’t assigned to any network, a red flag I unfortunately overlooked at the time. As it turned out, the whole setup was a scam from the beginning.

      The result? I lost a substantial amount, totaling $4000.00 USD. This experience was a harsh lesson in the risks of cryptocurrency trading, especially on platforms that may not be as reputable or transparent as they seem.

      I’m sharing this story to caution others in our community. Has anyone else experienced something similar, particularly with lesser-known cryptocurrencies or markets? I’d also appreciate any advice on how to identify and avoid such scams in the future.

      Thanks for reading, and stay vigilant out there.

      Best regards,

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