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      A concerning report has emerged from a user in Pasadena, CA, detailing a sophisticated scam operation within the app, particularly involving the UpDown Options feature. The complainant experienced manipulated Bitcoin (BTC) prices, resulting in unfair losses. This post aims to highlight the specifics of the scam, urging others who’ve faced similar deceit to come forward.

      Incident Overview:

      – Date Reported: October 20, 2023
      – Location: CA, USA- 91104
      – Loss: $2,500

      The user conducted a test by opening both “up” and “down” positions on Bitcoin, only to discover a deliberate $30 discrepancy in the BTC price displayed by the app compared to the actual market price. This manipulation forced premature closure of positions, leading to significant financial loss. Furthermore, the app disabled the option to close positions profitably, only to enable it when the user was bound to incur losses. Efforts to address these issues through customer support were met with conversation termination and subsequent blocking of the user.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      – Platform Involved: app
      – Scam Mechanism: Displaying incorrect Bitcoin prices to manipulate position outcomes.
      – Evidence: The user has screenshots, screen recordings, and chat logs documenting the scam.
      – Location of Scammer: Pasadena, CA- 91104

      If you’ve encountered similar fraudulent practices on the app or any other platform, your experience is invaluable. Please share:

      – How you were affected by manipulated prices or unfair trading conditions.
      – Any contact details provided by the perpetrators (even if they seem generic).
      – Screenshots, recordings, or any form of evidence you possess.

      Your contributions can help warn others, shed light on the extent of these scams, and potentially aid in holding the responsible parties accountable. Let’s work together to expose these fraudulent practices and protect the crypto community.

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