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      I wanted to share my experience with Cliqly, an email marketing platform, to shed light on some concerns that many of us in the online marketing world might face.

      Recently, I invested over $800 in Cliqly, enticed by their promise of earning through email marketing. According to their system, once you hit a $300 threshold by generating clicks through emails, you start receiving payments. This sounded like a promising and straightforward way to earn.

      However, things didn’t go as planned. My first payment of $316 came through in September, but since then, I’ve hit a wall. My second payment, due on November 3rd, never materialized. Despite multiple attempts to reach out through calls and support tickets, I’ve been met with silence. No response, no support.

      After doing some digging and visiting various online forums, I realized that my experience was not unique. Many users have reported similar issues with Cliqly – delayed payments, unresponsive customer support, and a general sense of being scammed.

      It’s disheartening to see hard-earned money and trust being mishandled this way. I urge anyone considering Cliqly for their email marketing needs to be cautious. The platform’s operations raise several red flags, from their payment system to customer support.

      If you’ve had any experiences with Cliqly, whether positive or negative, please share them here. It’s important for us to pool our knowledge and experiences to help each other navigate the often murky waters of online marketing platforms.

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