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      Attention NFT creators and collectors: A sophisticated scam involving fake NFT transaction platforms has come to light, and it’s important to spread awareness to prevent further victims. An individual has reported losing 2 ETH (approximately $4,106) to a scam that mimicked legitimate NFT marketplace, Makersplace, through fraudulent domains.

      Scam Details:

      • Incident Date: Initial contact on October 19, 2023, with the transaction occurring on November 10, 2023.
      • Fraudulent Websites:
        (Note: These sites are now offline but were used to deceive the victim into thinking they were part of the legitimate platform.)
      • Method: The scammer offered to buy an NFT at above the asking price, directing the seller to a fake transaction page under the guise of completing AML certification. The victim was instructed to link funds equivalent to the buyer’s offer from their wallet, resulting in a loss of 2 ETH due to a supposed error requiring a second transaction.
      • Signs of Scam: The transaction was conducted on domains different from the legitimate, specifically with the “.pro” and “.store” suffixes. Although these redirected to the genuine homepage, they were not affiliated with Makersplace.

      Victim Information:

      • Location: CA, USA- 91201
      • Loss: $4,106 (2 ETH)

      Scammer Information:

      • Contact: Via Instagram (

      If you have encountered a similar scam, especially involving the domains or, or have been contacted by the Instagram account mentioned, please share your story. Your experiences can be crucial in helping others recognize and avoid similar scams.

      To those affected, documenting and reporting every detail, including transaction IDs and wallet addresses involved, to the appropriate authorities can aid in the investigation and potentially help in recovering lost funds. Let’s work together to bring awareness to these fraudulent activities and protect our community.

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